§ Contents

  1. Random Map Scripts
  2. AoK Alpha
  3. Other things

§ Random Map Scripts

  1. Dry Arabia (138 downloads)
  2. Random Water Map (58 downloads)
  3. Open Arena (34 downloads)
  4. Palisade Arena (16 downloads)

§ AoK Alpha

Early 1999 Alpha version aok-alpha- (or this local mirror)

Install from the .iso, optionally apply the English patch by extracting the zip into the game installation directory if you don't know Russian

The generic DirectDraw colour fix for WinVista and up works for this, too!

Screenshot at the start of a Regicide game: imgur.com/mNKFlXT.
Note how the Dock is insanely large, the water doesn't blend and the sheep aren't blue even though the villagers are close. (Sheep gathering worked differently in Alpha. Your villagers stand next to them, herding/waving at them, which gathers food. Once the sheep runs out, it dies. Until then, you can still control it.)

Screenshot of Tech Tree: imgur.com/ZEBBErx.
Note the amazing MS Paint style art, the lack of sprites for some units, how all unique units are listed under the Castle, and some of the unit/research names.

Screenshot of Boats: imgur.com/1NVuIRf.
Note… just look at them! Boats!

§ Other things

  1. Civ Sounds